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Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

We couldn’t stress enough the significance of having clear eyesight. For people suffering from nearsightedness and other visual problems, prescription eyewear is a lifesaver. Your eyeglasses provide multiple benefits. They’re low-maintenance and tend to be much cheaper in the long run. There’s also a lesser risk of infection than contact lenses. But by following some essential cleaning and storing tips, you will find contact lens wear an excellent alternative. Here are some of the benefits of daily contact lenses:


  1. They Offer Maximum Comfort. If you’ve tried wearing contact lenses before, you’d know that they get dry. It’s just a fact of life. But daily disposable contacts are the thinnest option of the plastic cover you can put over your eyes all day. Since you will use a new pair every single day, there will be no deposits that often plague extended wear contacts. A fresh pair of contact lenses will have collected no dust, pollen, or other allergens. Wearing daily contact lenses is an excellent option for those who suffer from dry eyes and allergies. They are also great for people who use their computers or digital devices for long periods. This is because of the amount of hydration and comfort that daily contact lenses provide.


  1. They Have Fewer Complications. If you’ve had an eye infection before, you’d know how it can be painful and uncomfortable. Not only that, you couldn’t use your contact lenses and would be stuck with eyeglasses for a few days or weeks. This can be incredibly inconvenient, especially for those who have an active lifestyle. The best way to lower your risk of eye infection is to prevent or limit your exposure to pathogens. This makes daily contact lenses an excellent option. You only touch your contacts once when putting them in the morning. There will also be no cleaning required because you can throw them away every night. The risk of contaminating your lenses with dirty hands is so much lower than reusable contacts. Besides, studies show that daily contact lens wearers tend to be half as likely to develop moderate or severe bacterial infections. The results were compared to other soft contact lens wearers.


  1. They’re Good for Eye Health. In 1000 adults who participated in a survey, about 82 percent said they wore their contact lenses longer than recommended. Over half of them also reported that they even slept without removing their lenses. By not following the proper lens care and guidelines, you put your eye health at risk. For example, exposing your lenses to water sources like a shower or pool may lead to Acanthamoeba keratitis. It’s a rare but severe eye infection that can lead to permanent visual impairment, or worse, blindness. Particles can also build up on your lenses. Daily contact lenses offer the cleanest option as they come directly from their pack every day. Besides, these lenses are stored in a preservative-free solution. This keeps you from exposing your eyes to potentially harmful compounds. Daily contact lenses also offer better oxygen to your eyes.


Many things are best fresh. Order a new pair of daily contact lenses today from the International Opticians. Call our office now at (786) 460-1081 in Miami, Florida, for more information.

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