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New Advances in Dry Eye Treatment: What You Need to Know

The effects of dry eye syndrome can be quite debilitating. The constant burning, stinging, and redness can make it difficult to focus on daily tasks, much less enjoy life. Fortunately, new advances in dry eye treatment offer hope for those struggling with this condition. Here is a look at the latest treatments for dry eye, including what you need to know.

Beyond Clear Vision: The Latest Advances in Contact Lens Technology

Contact lenses have been a game-changer for people with blurry vision since the late 1940s. Gone are the days when contact lenses were only good for improving eyesight. Cutting-edge advancements in smart lens technology are introducing revolutionary capabilities. 

Myopia and Digital Screen Time: How to Protect Your Vision

Protecting your child’s vision is crucial during the formative years. The International Myopia Institute stresses early eye checkups, especially with the recent dramatic increase in digital screen time. These visits can help provide early screenings and treatments for your child’s myopia. Here are the details you must consider to protect your child’s vision from myopia.

Is a Contact Lens Exam Different From an Eye Exam?

Your eyes let you interact with your environment through sight. They play a big part in helping children hit their developmental milestones. Their eye health is vital to overall health. Hence, you need to make time for an eye exam every year. However, these yearly exams are not enough if you want to wear contact lenses. You will need an additional exam. You will need a contact lens exam.

How to Choose Your Next Pair of Designer Frames

Any glasses with prescription lenses can improve your vision. However, the frames themselves are the most visible element of any glasses and how they look directly affect your appearance, as well as how you feel when you are wearing them. If you choose the wrong frames, it can highlight features that you’d rather not draw attention to. Meanwhile the right ones can give you extra confidence and improve your self-esteem.

What Happens at a Regular Eye Exam?

Can you remember when you last had a routine eye examination? Most people are recommended to have a regular eye exam at least once every two years to check their vision and to assess the condition and health of their eyes. If you currently wear glasses or contacts and have a history of consistent prescription changes, or if you have been diagnosed with an eye health condition such as glaucoma or cataracts, your eye doctor may recommend that you have eye exams more often so that these issues can be closely monitored.

When Should My Child Start Pediatric Eye Exams?

Every parent wants their child to be healthy, happy, and able to live life to the fullest. One of the best ways of helping them to achieve this is by making sure that their eyes are healthy and that their vision develops properly. Unfortunately, eye problems are very common in young children.

Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work?

Blue light is just one of the colors on the visible light spectrum. It has a very short wavelength, but high energy levels. Our largest and most natural source of it is the sun. Our bodies need some blue light to operate properly. Blue light helps to control our sleep-wake cycle, improves our mood, and boosts our cognitive function. However, blue light is also emitted by other sources including digital devices. Increased use of things like smartphones, laptops, and tablets over the last decade or so has led to most of us receiving more blue light than we really need.

The Latest Eyewear Trends

Many people need to wear prescription eyeglasses. Choosing the right style and design for prescription eyewear is as important as its purpose. The right type of eyewear will make you look trendy and sophisticated while maintaining optimal eye health.

Preventing Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome can be an uncomfortable and irritating condition. Irregularities in your tear film can be due to a number of reasons. These include aging, contact lens wear, or hormonal changes in women. Air pollution, air conditioning, smoke, wind, as well as cold, dry air can also trigger dry eye symptoms. Even certain diseases and medication can cause this common eye problem. Are you among the millions of people in the United States who struggle with bloodshot eyes, excess tears, and grittiness in the eyes? Here are some tips to help you prevent dry eyes:

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