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About International Opticians


International Opticians provides the highest quality, compassionate optometry care to ensure that you and your family are healthy and happy.

Meet the team

Meet our caring and compassionate optometry care team committed to providing exceptional optometry care for you and your family.​​​​​​​

Meet the Team


Ron Pelletier


Bachelor of Business Administration
Univ. of Miami 1990
Lifetime Employee of Int'l Opticians since 1987

Dr. Maria Gonzales


Bachelor of Arts 1987
University of Texas
Doctor of Optometry with a Residency in Ocular Disease
University of Houston 1994

Dr. Saba H. Millares


Bachelor of Science
University of Puerto Rico 1970
Doctor of Optometry w/ Honors
Southern College of Optometry 1974

Jose Fernandez


Our doctor's right-hand man will take care of all your exam pre-testing and contact lens fitting

Alina Prado

Sales Associate

Will take the time to make sure your frame fits correctly and go over the many lens choices available.

Mandy Rodriguez


​​​​​​​Mandy is our senior licensed optician, having been with us now for 30 years. He can go over in detail with you all of the different lens and coating choices available on the market today.

Ausberto Jimenez​​​​​​​

Optician/Lab Manager

​​​​​​​The real magician at International, go anywhere else and they say they can not do that. But come to International and we can do that.

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