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Benefits of MODO Frames

There are many types of eyeglass frames available on the market, but few stand up to the quality and design offered by MODO frames. MODO was founded in New York City 30 years ago. The company prides itself on offering sophisticated and innovative frames for professional men and women. Though MODO is still new in the eyewear industry, the company has offices in New York, Stockholm, and Milan. Its primary design style strives to blend elements from all three cities, opening the door for creativity when it comes to designing the frames. Many of the MODO frames are crafted with a focus on minimalism to create a simple expression that can complement a variety of personal styles.

There are many benefits to MODO frames. For starters, the company offers many different styles of frames. The frames are made of metal or plastic. Because these materials are durable, you can rest easy knowing you have some of the best frames on the market.


Frames Crafted From Quality Materials


One of the big selling points for MODO frames is that they’re made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials. They are also part of a brand that prides itself on using recycled materials in its products, including MODO lenses. These materials make it possible for the company to create strong, lightweight glasses with state-of-the-art technology. As an added bonus, the materials used in the frames are hypoallergenic, and the metal frames are even corrosion-resistant. The metal frames are made from titanium, while the plastic frames are made from long-lasting cellulose acetate. These durable materials make it possible for MODO to offer high-quality, near-weightless frames in sleek, stylish designs.


Wide Variety of Styles and Colors to Choose From


MODO frames are available to men and women who can choose from a wide array of color palettes to complement their personalities. All the available frames are comfortable and made of metal or plastic. Most of the current styles feature full-rim frames in cat-eye, round, and rectangle frame fronts. The overall focus on many MODO styles is to highlight futuristic styles while remaining functional to everyday wear and tear. That said, MODO frames stand out from the rest because they are a beautiful combination of professional, classy, and edgy.

One of the most popular MODO styles is the Brooklyn Made frames. They’re lightweight and come in many sophisticated styles and colors. The popular line is also made right here in the USA in Brooklyn, New York. Care is taken when crafting the lenses and only the best materials are used. Many of the frames draw inspiration from the New York culture and are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


Charitable Giving


In addition to offering reliable and durable frames, the MODO brand is passionate about giving back. That’s why the company partnered with the Seva Foundation to help children around the world receive comprehensive eye care.

If you’re looking for a pair of stylish frames that blend well with a variety of looks, give MODO frames a try. Contact International Opticians in Miami, Florida, at (786) 460-1081 to schedule an appointment today and see for yourself what makes MODO frames so great.

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