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More Luxury Frames and Eyeglasses from Today's Top Brands at Your Favorite Optical Store in Miami

Miami residents are known for their savvy style and fashion sense, and now International Opticians is proud to announce the addition of Christian Dior designer frames to our already impressive inventory of designer frames. We recommend that you receive a comprehensive eye exam from our optometry staff prior to ordering any prescription lenses to ensure that your correction is up to date. We also offer prescription sunglasses for those sunny days when you still need to see!

Our optical store offers frames and sunglasses from today's top designers, and if we don't have exactly what you want in stock, we can usually order it for you. We can also add glazes and filters to your lenses to minimize glare and apply fog-free coatings. Our optometry staff is here to ensure that your glasses suit all of your needs while also adding a little pizzazz to your daily look!

You Can Now Find Christian Dior Designer Frames at International Opticians

The Dior house of fashion has long been known for the timeless elegance of their stylish haute couture. We are pleased to now offer these designer frames at our optical store in Miami to our clients that are looking for luxury eyeglasses that will set them apart from the crowd. These frames are durable and well-crafted to stand up to today's hectic lifestyles. From modern rectangular shapes to classic cat-eye frames, the Dior line of frames and eyeglasses has something for everyone.

Dior frames are the perfect choice if you are looking show the world your sense of style, and add a fun and functional accessory to your daily wardrobe.

Are You in the Market for Some Designer Frames this Summer? Call International Opticians Today!

We offer a full range of today's top fashion brands in the best optical styles. Our boutique is conveniently located at 2264 SW 22nd Street in Miami. Call us today at (786) 460-1081 to schedule an appointment, we look forward to seeing you soon!

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