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Eye allergies are common for people who suffer from asthma, hay fever, or seasonal allergies. It is estimated that the general population of people, which makes up 30 percent of children are likely to develop allergies. It might be difficult to know for sure, whether or not you have an eye allergy. 

Common Signs of Eye Allergies

Several sure tell signs that will not leave you guessing:

  • Watery eyes

  • Burning sensation

  • Redness and/or puffiness

  • Itching

One symptom can occur, but normally two or more symptoms are present. There are several triggers that can irritate your eye vision problem. Nevertheless, if you have never experienced eye allergies before, become familiar with pollutants that linger outside, and in your living environment.

Eye Allergy Treatment

  • Cigarette smoke, perfume, air fresheners, etc.

  • Mold, dust mites, pet hair, indoor allergens

  • Weeds, grass, pollen, trees

Allergens are often times not known, and unless you already know you have allergies, you might be prone to eye allergies often. It may be easy to confuse red, watery, eyes with being tired. You might think that some eye diseases or symptoms are not caused by allergens. You will be surprised to know that some do. For instance, did you know that conjunctivitis, which mostly affects children can be allergy related?

Pink Eye

Pink Eye is a commonly treated eye problem we see all the time. It is caused by viruses, bacteria, smoke, dirty water, chloride in a pool, or shampoo. Symptoms include sore eyes that are red, swollen, and watery and sting. It can affect one or both eyes.

Seasonal Eye Allergies

SAC or seasonal allergic conjunctivitis is triggered when you are exposed to the elements of outsides such as ragweed, pollen, and grass. The symptoms include itchy, runny nose and a nasal drainage. Allergies to pet hairs, dust mites and feathers are called PAC, or (perennial allergic conjunctivitis.

Best Course of Treatment for Eye Allergies

Of course, staying away from the culprit will resolve your allergies, but that is not always possible. Staying indoors and avoiding contact with the outdoors, leads to lack of exercise, and poor circulation. What we recommend is:

  • Oral antihistamines like Allegra, Hydroxyzine or Zyrtec

  • Over- the- Counter Eye Drops- Eye drops like Visine-A is medicated, and is considered a decongestant. However, they are not for long-term use.

  • Prescription Eye Drops- Anti-inflammatory medication like topical steroid drops, cell stabilizers, and non-steroidal drops


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