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pediatric eye exams faqs



If you want your children to see the world as accurately and easily as possible, you may be wondering exactly how pediatric eye exams can help. Check out these frequently asked questions on the subject from our Miami optometry clinic.

Can my Child see Clearly from Birth?

Newborn infants cannot see clearly at any significant distance. That's because their eyes and brain have not yet learned how to work together to process and interpret visual data. By the age of 6 months, most babies have developed basic vision skills and abilities.

What kind of Eye Evaluation does my Pediatrician Perform on my Newborn Child?

Your pediatrician will check your newborn's eye structures to look for such obvious eye health issues as congenital cataracts or structural abnormalities. These examinations, while important, do not really evaluate eye function and vision the way our exams do.

When should I Schedule Pediatric Eye Exams with my Miami Optometrist?

Your Miami optometrist, Dr. Saba H. Millares or Dr. Maria Gonzalez, will recommend that you follow the American Optometric Association's guidelines by scheduling pediatric eye exams at the age of 6 months, 3 years, and 5 or 6 years of age (whenever your school is ready to start school).

Why are these Initial Eye Exams so Critical?

These early pediatric eye exams can identify issues that might otherwise prevent your child from developing normal visual skills. Delayed visual development affects everything from hand-to-eye coordination and physical balance to academic performance in school. The earlier a problem is found, the more easily and effectively it can be addressed.

What does my Optometrist Evaluate in these Pediatric Eye Exams?

Even when your baby is just 6 months old, your Miami optometrist can test how well the eyes focus, follow objects and coordinate with each other. Your 3-year-old can actually talk to us about what he sees, enabling us to perform more detailed evaluation and visual acuity. By the age of 6, we can conduct full-scale eye and vision testing to identify refractive errors and write corrective prescriptions.

How are Functional Eye Problems Treated in Children?

If your child has a functional eye issue such as strabismus (off-center eye alignment) or amblyopia (unbalanced processing of visual signals, which impairs depth perception), our optometry center can help.We can prescribe treatment methods ranging from prismatic lenses or other devices to functional exercises to re-train the eyes.

Can Our Opticians Equip my Child with Corrective Lenses?

If your child needs eyeglasses, they're available right here at International Opticians. We offer a variety of child-sized frames in attractive, fashionable colors and styles, with lenses made from tough, lightweight, shatter-resistant polycarbonate.

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Scheduling those critical pediatric eye exams and other vision services is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a lifetime of optimal eyesight for your family. Call International Optometrists at (786) 460-1081 today!

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