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The Latest Eyewear Trends

Many people need to wear prescription eyeglasses. Choosing the right style and design for prescription eyewear is as important as its purpose. The right type of eyewear will make you look trendy and sophisticated while maintaining optimal eye health. The American Optometric Association recognizes the need for fashionable eyewear, especially among the younger generations. If you want to find out what the latest eyewear trends are, here’s what you should know.


Double Brow Bar


This was a fashion trend back in the 70s and 80s. The name of this eyewear style describes it enough. The bridge of the eyeglass frame has two bars across the brow area. It is reminiscent of the Top Gun genre.


Crystal Studded


This trend brightens up the face with the sparkling crystals set in a grey or blue background. You can choose small crystals for a subtle sparkle. There are also bold crystal pieces for more chunkiness. You can also choose a clear frame studded with crystals to make the frame seem more like a piece of jewelry.




Eyeglasses with flat-top frames are functional and bold. Most eyeglasses with this style are oversized. These are also used in sunglasses. You can get a pair of these eyeglasses with colors and detailing as well.


Chunky and Bold


For that glam factor, thick-rimmed eyeglasses are an order. You can choose bright and bold colors to emphasize your temples. These eyeglasses can even be a good eye shield when you go out during this pandemic. You can get this chunky look in square and round frames. Wearing these eyeglasses will give you a feeling of confidence and safety.




Recent years paved the way for plastic eyeglasses. Some of these plastic eyeglasses are bendable and super lightweight. Yet others are too brittle, so they tend to break more often. More durable metal eyeglasses are making a comeback in 2021. You can combine this with trendy oversized frames. These latest metal frames are lightweight and there is a shape for every style need.


Eyeglass Necklaces


You can also use eyeglass necklaces to keep things exciting while you wear your prescription glasses. Styles and materials vary for these eyeglass necklaces. You can use them to keep your eyeglasses from hitting the ground if they slide off. You can also use them as accessories whenever you go out with friends.




This is always a trendy option for eyewear. In 2021, the cat-eye frames become more serious. They project a more confident and result-oriented attitude. There is nothing better than wearing a cat-eye pair of glasses whenever there is an online conference during the pandemic.  


Colorful Frames


Making a fashion statement is an order as people start to come out after the long quarantine period. There is no stronger statement than a mixture of colors in one eyeglass frame. The warmer months make the colors stand out more. The array of colors shows how vibrant your personality is. It makes people smile whenever they see colorful streaks during a crisis like the pandemic.


Following the latest eyewear trends can uplift your spirit as you wear your prescription glasses. At International Opticians, we provide the latest eyewear designs and styles. That way, you can have optimal eye care while keeping up with the latest fashion trends. Feel free to visit our clinic in Miami, Florida, for an in-person consultation. You can also call us at 786-460-1081if you want to set an appointment or ask questions about our newest line of eyewear for 2021.

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