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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Glasses

Just because you need to wear glasses to correct your vision does not mean that you cannot look good in them. Over the years, glasses have become a fashion accessory. The wide range of styles and designs available makes it possible to find glasses that compliment any face. Whether you decide to shop online or from a physical store, it is important to find glasses that will suit you. The following are some tips that will help you to select the perfect glasses.


Your Face Shape


The most important factor to consider when choosing glasses is the shape of your face. Is your face square, round, oval, heart-shaped, or diamond? Knowing the shape of your face will help you to choose frames that will enhance your appearance:


Square Face


If you are square-faced, you have a broad forehead and a strong jawline. The best frame for you is one that helps to soften the features while making the face look more elongated. The best frames for this type of face are round or oval. Avoid rectangular or angular designs.

Round Face


Round faces are relatively short, have wide foreheads, have full cheeks, and the chins are usually rounded. The best frames to complement this face are square and rectangular styles. The sharp angles help to provide contrast. Narrow frames are best as they help to elongate the face.

Oval Face


If you have an oval-shaped face, you are quite lucky as virtually any type of frame will suit you. This type of face is rather proportional, which makes it versatile when it comes to choosing frames. However, cat-eye or rectangular glasses are great for you.

Heart-Shaped Face


With the wide cheekbones, broad forehead, and small chin, several frames can work for you. Choose frames that have a wide nose bridge. Cat-eye and oval styles are perfect for this face. You can also select rimless glasses for the best effect but avoid dominant brow lines.

Diamond-Shaped Face


This type of face has high and broad cheekbones, a narrow jaw, and a narrow eye line. The best frames for this type of face are those with prominent brow lines. Curvy cat-eye frames and semi-rimless work best. Avoid narrow frames because these will focus most of the attention on the eye line.


The Right Color


When choosing glasses, think about the color that works for you. Consider your skin tone when selecting colors. Selecting a shade that is closest to your skin tone will enhance your appearance. If you have a warm skin tone, you should avoid pastels. Black or white frames are not very complementing either.

For best results, you should select brown shades, beige, gold, honey, light tortoise, or olive green. If you have a cool skin tone, choose black, silver, gray, purple, dark tortoise, or mauve. Avoid colors that will make you look “washed out.”


Consider Your Lifestyle


Select glasses that will suit your lifestyle. To do this, consider the activities that you do, your work, where you go, and how you live your life. If you live an active life, functionality is an important point to consider. You can find glasses that will match your lifestyle.

The glasses that you select can reveal a lot about your personality. Consider the options available and choose a frame that suits you.


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