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When Should My Child Start Pediatric Eye Exams?

Every parent wants their child to be healthy, happy, and able to live life to the fullest. One of the best ways of helping them to achieve this is by making sure that their eyes are healthy and that their vision develops properly. Unfortunately, eye problems are very common in young children.

Research suggests that as many as 10% of kindergarten-aged children, and 25% of those that are school-aged, experience vision problems that could be having a negative effect on their ability to learn and communicate with other people around them. However, many of these children either lack the awareness to know that their vision could be improved, or the skills to tell their grown-ups. Babies and kindergarteners can’t always read or tell us that they can’t see clearly or that their eyes hurt. Fortunately, pediatric eye exams can tell a professional everything that they need to know.


What Does A Pediatric Eye Doctor Do?

A pediatric eye doctor understands that eye exams can be frightening for children and will have the experience needed to keep your little one feeling calm and comfortable while they assess their eyes and vision. As for their eye exams; well they won’t be too different from the eye exams that you have yourself as an adult. Your pediatric eye doctor will assess various elements including:


  • How well your child’s eyes respond to light

  • How well they can track an object with their eyes

  • If their eyes work together properly

  • If they point in the same direction

  • If they are able to tell different colors apart

  • How clearly they can see


Every eye exam will be tailored to the specific needs of each child and their developmental stage. In addition to checking the quality and clarity of their vision, they may also perform specific tests to assess the health of their eyes. This may include using a special camera to look into the eyes and examine the structures found at the back.


When Should My Child Start Having Pediatric Eye Exams?

Most babies will have an initial eye assessment shortly after they are born, which will check for any obvious abnormalities or concerns. However, beyond this is it down to parents to make and attend regular eye exam appointments for their child. The American Optometric Association recommends that all children have their first comprehensive eye exam with a pediatric eye doctor at around 6 months of age, after which appointments are usually recommended every few years unless your child is identified a being at higher risk of developing vision problems.


They could be considered high risk if they:


  • Have a medical condition that could affect their eyes, such as Down Syndrome, juvenile idiopathic arthritis or neurofibromatosis.

  • Take medications that could affect their eye health or vision.

  • Have parents or siblings who have experienced problems with their eyes or vision.

  • Are diagnosed with developmental delay.


For more on pediatric eye exams, visit International Opticians in Miami, Florida. Call (786) 460-1081 to schedule an appointment today.

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