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Contact Lens Exams


Are your contacts uncomfortable? Do you need a new prescription because of vision changes? Do you wear eyeglasses, but want to switch to contacts? Whatever your eye care needs, new contacts should always come after a contact lens exam. These exams are more specific than eye exams that assess your overall eye health, and they’re more comprehensive than vision exams that only determine your refractive error. If you wear contacts or want to wear contacts, our Miami optometrists are here to help. Before you get your next pair of contacts, let’s learn more about the importance of the contact lens exam.

Contact lens exam

Benefits of Contact Lens Exams & Fittings

A contact lens exam is a necessary series of tests and assessments by an eye doctor, which help determine whether you’re a good candidate for contact lenses, and if so, what type and prescription will work for your eyes. Your optometrist’s goal is to fully examine or measure the following factors, which all play a role in the function and fit of your contact lenses:

  • Curvature of each cornea

  • Refractive error in each eye

  • Function of each eye

  • Cooperation between your eyes (how well they work together)

  • Fluid pressure in your eyes

  • Symptoms or signs of eye conditions, including glaucoma and diabetes

  • Size of each eye surface

Your optometrist will also review your preferences and lifestyle with you, to help decide whether you need soft or rigid gas permeable lenses, disposable or semi-permanent lenses, and more.

Why You Need Our Miami Optometrist for Your Eye Exam

Contact lens exams must be as thorough as possible because your contacts will literally make contact with your eyeball all day every day. The fit and prescription must be as accurate as possible, and you also need a style and permanence level that is right for your lifestyle and your eye care history. Whether you want to wear contact lenses for the first time or you need to update your prescription, don’t rely on simple vision exam from an optician. You need a comprehensive eye exam from a trained eye doctor.

Our Miami optometrists are proud to help patients find the right contact lenses for their unique eyes. We offer specific, comprehensive contact lens exams that include detailed measurements, tests, and examinations of each eye. Our goal is to prevent vision problems, discomfort, redness, poor fit, and other problems associated with hard to fit contacts or inaccurate prescriptions.

​​​​​​​Schedule a Contact Lens Exam with Our Eye Doctors in Miami Today!

We’re currently accepting new patients at International Opticians. If you need a new pair of contacts, come to our optometry center in Miami for a comprehensive exam with a qualified eye doctor. We will customize the whole process to fit your eye care and vision care needs, and if you’re a good candidate for regular or specialty contact lenses, you’ll get a custom pair with a contact-specific prescription just for you. Just call (786) 460-1081 to schedule your next contact lens exam with one of our Miami optometrists.

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