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Pediatric eye exams protect your child’s vision and help ensure that your child can see properly. At International Opticians, we help pediatric patients by administering annual eye exams and making recommendations for treatment.

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Benefits of Miami Eye Exams

There are many reasons to take your child to International Opticians in Miami! Below are some of the most common reasons that we recommend parents bring their children in for an eye exam.

  • Taking your child to the eye doctor on a regular basis will help catch eye conditions in their early stages - Eye diseases and vision problems that are caught early enough can sometimes be reversed. Even if the condition cannot be reversed, early treatment of eye disorders can help protect your child’s vision.

  • Clear vision is helpful for learning in school, playing sports and other kid-friendly activities - Kids who are unable to see properly may fall behind in school and in organized activities.

  • Some eye disorders can be misdiagnosed - Kids who have refractive error and other eye problems may find it difficult to focus on school work. Sometimes this can lead to a misdiagnosis of ADD, ADHD or a learning disability.

What to Expect from a Pediatric Eye Exam in Miami

When you bring your child in for an eye exam with the optometrist in Miami, your child’s eye doctor will test your child’s eyes for the following:

  • Clear vision - Your child’s optometry specialist will test your child’s eyes for refractive error and visual clarity. If the optometrist discovers that your child has a vision problem, he or she will write a prescription for eyeglasses.

  • Eye functionality - The optometry specialist will test your child’s eyes for ability to perceive color, ability to perceive depth and other important functions.

  • Eye health - The optometrist will check your child’s eyes for eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and other conditions. If your child’s eye doctor detects that your child has an eye disease, the optometrist will make recommendations for treatment.

Eye exams do not hurt and are perfectly safe for children, even for children of a very young age.

When to Bring Your Child in For an Eye Exam in Miami

At International Opticians, we recommend that parents bring their children in for a comprehensive vision exam at least once annually starting from age 6 months to one year. We also recommend bringing your child in for a vision exam if he or she experiences symptoms of eye problems, such as:

  • Headaches when reading

  • Crossed eyes

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Red eyes

Children who must sit close to the whiteboard in class or who must sit close to the television should also see the eye doctor.

Contact Our Pediatric Optometrist in Miami Today!

Have you brought your child in for an eye appointment yet this year? If not, call us to make an appointment at International Opticians. Contact us today at (786) 460-1081.

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