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Whether you get designer frames or you go for the cheapest pair of eyeglasses on the rack, you'll find that you have the same choices for the other component of eyewear: the lenses. Choosing the right lenses is important to your overall satisfaction with your glasses. Here are some of the most common lens options and an overview of their characteristics:

Specialty Lenses

Base Lens Types

Unifocal/Single Vision Lenses

These are the types of lenses in standard glasses. They improve vision at one general distance only, and they do this well. If you need to see something outside of their intended range, however, you'll need to switch to a different pair of glasses if your eyes can't naturally see well at the new distance.

Bifocals and Trifocals

This type of lens is ground with prescriptions for two or three different distances. Each grind occupies only part of the lens, with no transition zones between them.

Progressive Lenses

Some people don't like the hard break between vision distances that bifocals and trifocals have. Progressive lenses ease the transition between the fields, but still offer vision correction at multiple distances in just one pair of glasses.


Lens upgrades typically come in the form of coatings that give the lenses extra properties above the baseline.


Tints are what turn regular glasses into sunglasses. They range from very light to very dark.

UV Block

This coating is all but universal now thanks to the high demand for it. It is often included in the base price of your lenses, whether they are clear or tinted. Typically, it blocks both UVA and UVB rays.

Anti-Scratch Coating

Mild scratch resistance is provided by this coating, which is recommended for plastic lenses. If you tend to scratch your glasses, it can be a good investment.

Anti-Glare/Anti-Reflection Coating

This helps to stop reflections off of your glasses during the day, and can help control the "starburst" effect around lights at night.

Polychromatic Lenses

These change from clear lenses to tinted ones in the presence of sunlight and switch back when you go indoors. Transitions are the most famous brand of these, but now that their patent has expired, there are many others.

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