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Do you find it hard to see objects from afar? Is it difficult for you to see things up close? Are you looking for prescription sunglasses that protect your eyes as fashionably as possible? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it's time to contact International Opticians, your local vision care experts. We are your complete source for corrective eyewear and eye care services for every member of the family. We are a full-service optical store that uses state-of-the-art machines, tools, and computers to provide you with exceptional quality and unmatched service. We offer a broad selection of contact lenses as well as all brands and styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Would you like prescription sunglasses?

We are a full-service optical store that uses state-of-the-art machines, tools, and computers to provide you with exceptional quality and unmatched service. We offer a broad selection of contact lenses as well as all brands and styles of eyeglass frames and sunglasses.

Contact International Opticians, your local vision care experts.


- Polycarbonate
- Hi-Index
- Anti-Reflecting Coating
- UV-400
- Mirror Coatings
- HD Freeform Lenses
- BlueTech Lenses
- OptiFog Coating

We are excited to announce that our practice is now a supporter of the I CARE & SHARE™ program with Optometry Giving Sight. We are donating a proceed of every eyeglass order to help raise funds to eliminate one of the leading causes of vision impairment worldwide - uncorrected refractive error - simply the need for an eye exam and glasses. we appreciate our patients supporting our practice and helping us give site to people in need.

An Amazing Range of Eyeglasses

Our optometrists in Miami can provide you with preventative eye care such as regular, comprehensive eye and vision exams to make sure you're seeing as you should. If a vision test reveals that you need corrective lenses, we've got your eyeglasses right here at our optical center, along with:

- Shatter-resistant polycarbonate plastic

- Lightweight Hi-Index lenses

- Anti-reflective coating to cut glare

- UV-400 lenses for ultraviolet protection

- Mirror coatings for glare reduction

- HD freeform lenses featuring computer-aided design

- BlueTech lenses, which filter harmful blue light

- OptiFog Coating to keep lenses fog-free

Choose from beautiful designer frames for men. women of kids, with names such as Gucci, Silhouette, Porsche, Adidas and Hugo Boss. Our high-end frames include 1-hour service so you can start enjoying your new glasses right away. A portion of each eyeglass order goes to support the I CARE & SHARE™ program with Optometry Giving Sight.

An Extensive Collection of Contact Lenses

If you prefer contact lenses to eyeglasses, our optometrists in Miami can provide the necessary contact lens exam and point you toward the perfect choice. We offer many types of contacts; you can even get hard-to-fit contacts for conditions such as astigmatism, keratoconus, dry eye, and presbyopia. We offer state-of-the-art brands and products such as:

• Acuvue Oasys

• 1 Day Acuvue Moist

• Dailies Aqua Comfort

• Air Optix Colors

Whatever your contact lens needs may be, we can fulfill them. We can equip you with a full year's supply of lenses (either the same day or the next day), cases, cleaning solutions, re-orders and more.

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From elegant designer frames to preventative maintenance for your eyes, International Opticians can serve as your family's lifetime vision care
partner. Call us at 305-854-6191 to schedule an initial visit to our clinic!

A Proud Provider of Maui Jim Designer Frames

International Opticians is proud to present the newest addition to its lineup of designer eyewear for men and women. Maui Jim has been a leading creator of innovative sunglasses set in stunning designer frames since 1980. These high-impact, scratch-resistant sunglasses will enhance your outdoor work and play with their combination of superlative performance, comfort, and looks.

We Carry an assortment of Lenses for all your vision needs.

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Dr. Millares and Dr. Gonzalez
Miami Optometrist | International Opticians | 305-854-6191
2264 SW 22nd St
Miami, FL 33145


See what our patients have to say about us

  • "Caring customer service that exceeded my expectations. Excellent selection of eyeglass frames, from designer to economy. On-site lab, friendly, welcoming staff, fluent in English and Spanish. Mandy did a great job fitting my frames, and Ron was stalwart in rectifying an erroneous prescription from an outside optician. I could not ask for better!"
    Ann R. / Miami, FL
  • "I've been coming to dr gonzalez and the optical since i was 9. They are like family. Today my son had his first check up and they were patient and friendly. My son loved it and wants to go again. I definitely recommend."
    Margret F. / Miami, FL
  • "Great selection and service. Went in with glasses improperly fitted from another company and they took care of me. Have purchased my family's glasses and sun glasses there. Their turn around time is fantastic and prices are very reasonable. Everyone should shop there."
    Rafael V. / Miami, FL
  • "Went there for first time today and met with Mandy, I was happily surprised and truly satisfied. Very nice atmosphere in the place, Mandy was patient, helpful and professional.
    A very good service! I recommend anyone to go there."
    Romain B.
  • "I've been getting my vision needs done with Fernando and his team since I was in Elementary school. They closed down a location that was convenient for me and are now primarily located somewhere that's out of my way, but I still make the drive and take my business to them because they always go above and beyond. I wouldn't go with any other team of optometrists. Highly recommended!"
    Kristopher V.
  • "This is hands down the best optician in Miami! It has great professional service with the friendliest employees. International Opticians honestly makes you feel like family from the moment you walk through the door, and to make things better, they have a great selection of glasses. I love my Mont Blanc's!"
    Alvaro R. B.

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