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Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Actually Work?

Blue light is just one of the colors on the visible light spectrum. It has a very short wavelength, but high energy levels. Our largest and most natural source of it is the sun. Our bodies need some blue light to operate properly. Blue light helps to control our sleep-wake cycle, improves our mood, and boosts our cognitive function. However, blue light is also emitted by other sources including digital devices. Increased use of things like smartphones, laptops, and tablets over the last decade or so has led to most of us receiving more blue light than we really need.

The Latest Eyewear Trends

Many people need to wear prescription eyeglasses. Choosing the right style and design for prescription eyewear is as important as its purpose. The right type of eyewear will make you look trendy and sophisticated while maintaining optimal eye health.

Preventing Dry Eyes

Dry eye syndrome can be an uncomfortable and irritating condition. Irregularities in your tear film can be due to a number of reasons. These include aging, contact lens wear, or hormonal changes in women. Air pollution, air conditioning, smoke, wind, as well as cold, dry air can also trigger dry eye symptoms. Even certain diseases and medication can cause this common eye problem. Are you among the millions of people in the United States who struggle with bloodshot eyes, excess tears, and grittiness in the eyes? Here are some tips to help you prevent dry eyes:

Benefits of Daily Contact Lenses

We couldn’t stress enough the significance of having clear eyesight. For people suffering from nearsightedness and other visual problems, prescription eyewear is a lifesaver. Your eyeglasses provide multiple benefits. They’re low-maintenance and tend to be much cheaper in the long run. There’s also a lesser risk of infection than contact lenses. But by following some essential cleaning and storing tips, you will find contact lens wear an excellent alternative. Here are some of the benefits of daily contact lenses:

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Glasses

Just because you need to wear glasses to correct your vision does not mean that you cannot look good in them. Over the years, glasses have become a fashion accessory. The wide range of styles and designs available makes it possible to find glasses that compliment any face. Whether you decide to shop online or from a physical store, it is important to find glasses that will suit you. The following are some tips that will help you to select the perfect glasses.

Importance of UV Protection for the Eyes

The sun is the primary source of energy on Earth. Although its warm rays sustain life, it contains harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that damage your eyes and skin. According to the American Optometric Association, most people are not aware of the harm that UV rays bring to their eyes. UVB and UVA radiation can cause short-term and long-term eye damage. If you want to understand the importance of UV protection for your eyes, here’s what you need to know.

Diabetic Eye Disease and Hypertension

There are many different diseases and conditions that can affect our eyes and put our vision at risk. Diabetic eye disease and hypertension are two of the lesser-known threats to our eyesight. 

Benefits of MODO Frames

There are many benefits to MODO frames. For starters, the company offers many different styles of frames. The frames are made of metal or plastic. Because these materials are durable, you can rest easy knowing you have some of the best frames on the market.


Miami residents are known for their savvy style and fashion sense, and now International Opticians is proud to announce the addition of Christian Dior designer frames to our already impressive inventory of designer frames.


At International Opticians in Miami, we help children see clearly at school, at home, and at play. We also check children for eye diseases. If we determine that your child has an eye disease, we’ll make recommendations for treatment. If your child hasn’t been to the eye doctor yet this year, give us a call at 305-699-6083 to make an appointment.

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