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At International Opticians in Miami, our doctors of optometry, Dr. Saba H. Millares, and Dr. Maria Gonzalez have more than 60 years of combined experience and strongly encourage everyone to schedule routine eye examinations. In so many years of practice, an optometrist comes to see firsthand the importance of prevention and early detection of eye disease.

pediatric eye exams faqs

These early pediatric eye exams can identify issues that might otherwise prevent your child from developing normal visual skills. Delayed visual development affects everything from hand-to-eye coordination and physical balance to academic performance in school. The earlier a problem is found, the more easily and effectively it can be addressed.

eye exam faqs

Routine eye exams not only serve the purpose of ensuring patients can see clearly, but are also important health checkups; many eye-related diseases and conditions can be easily treated if diagnosed early on. At International Opticians, we understand that scheduling and coming into the office can sometimes be stressful for both adults and children.

contact lens faqs

Contact lenses do require more care than do glasses, but it is easy to take good care of your contact lenses. Your optician or optometrist can give you tips on how to take care of your contacts.

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